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Happy days! Dave and Jackie back together, up Copper Mountain…

Us and "the kids" at the lookout above the inlet.

Copper Mountain is our standard run – we’re so lucky to have it at our back door. But Dave and I have been running it alone far too much lately – with one or the other of us always being away.

We’ve been best friends and running partners for over two years now. And we’ve decided that we make a pretty good combination… so Dave and I have decided Read the rest of this entry »

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Jackie’s away so Dave, Anne and Nicole run!

Great view of Port Alberni

Jackie’s away for a month or so so I’m taking my sister Anne and her friend Nicole out for them to get used to the Copper Mountain Trail system. Port Alberni had 200 mm of rain in three days so a rare day of a fine mist was a treat!

Anne and Nicole are ‘learning runners’ so I took my time running up the mountain.

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I was sent to Kona to bring a patient to Toronto and was lucky enough to spend a day and a half in Kona.  I was desperate for a hot run so I waited until about 1100 and it was very hot when i’m not climatized to it.

Yup, I was hot! Read the rest of this entry »

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