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Shawnigan Kinsol Half-Marathon, Shawnigan Lake, October 28 2012

OK, so this is just going to be a very quick post, because I posted a full race report over on RunLive Learn. Dave and I ran the Shawnigan-Kinsol Half-Marathon on October 28, along with our fellow adventurers Malcolm and Jeannie. Here we all are at registration, in the town of Shawnigan Lake. There were prizes for costumes… and as you can see, Jeannie took this aspect of the race seriously. For me, this was an exciting race, as I knew it would be a Personal Best for me – because I have never run a half-marathon before! I am a slow runner – and that’s why I like running long. A half is a pretty short race for me to enter – but this Read the rest of this entry »

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Autumn hiking: Mount Horne from Cathedral Grove

Ryan and Kevin on the flanks of Mt Horne, above Cameron Lake.

Kevin and April planned this one. It had been raining for most of the previous week (sorry, I am still behind on posting… we did this hike a few weeks ago, on October 21st) and it was still raining most places. But the forecast looked slightly drier on the east side of the island (which is only a 20 minute drive from Port Alberni, just over the Hump for us). So they Read the rest of this entry »


Photo essay: Autumn colours in full display along Port Alberni’s Roger’s Creek Nature Trail

The Roger’s Creek Nature Trail, along with all of the side-trails that branck off from it, is one of Dave’s and my favourite running routes. The trail-head is a short bike ride or drive from the house. The trails are beautiful – and my favourite kind of trail to run on: rolling and winding forest paths. They are technical as in you have to pay attention – they turn this way and that, and there are a few roots and rocks – but just enough so to make them interesting. They are not challenging at all. And they are shaded by the forest cover, so a great choice in the hottest days of summer, and they don’t get too muddy in the fall and winter rains.

For as many times as we have run them, we haven’t yet done a blog post about them (although our big run with April a year or so ago did include sections along Roger’s Creek). Well, right now, the fall colours are in full display – so Dave and I went out for a very relaxing few hours with my good camera gear (SLR and tripod and all) and the dogs. Here are the results of that photo shoot: Read the rest of this entry »

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