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Xhosa’s last big day out before surgery: Hiking the Alberni Inlet Trail (and watching whales!)

Alberni Inlet Trail, Port Alberni, dogs, cancer, hiking, running, whalesXhosa, our big Rhodesian ridgeback, has been diagnosed with a mast-cell tumour. It’s apparently a fairly common type of cancer in some types of dogs, including ridgebacks. You can see the tumour, a big fatty-looking lump, near the top of her rear right leg.

Well, she’s going in for surgery today. It’s a type of cancer that has a high chance of metastasizing, and we don’t know if that has already happened or not. But at least, for now, we are getting that tumour removed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Active rest days when training: Our favourite winter route, Port Alberni’s Somass Estuary Bird Sanctuary

J.V. Clyne bird sanctuary, Somass bird sanctuary, birding, Tsomass River, Somass Estuary, Port Alberni

When you are training as a runner, you still have to be conscious about taking rest days, and not injuring yourself or becoming exhausted through overtraining. If you are fairly new to running, then your rest day should probably be fully a rest day. But once you have built up your mileage and endurance, going for a walk or a hike makes a great day of active rest or recovery. Especially if you are training for a marathon or ultramarathon – time on your feet is important, and every extra hour helps! One of Dave’s and my favourite routes for an active recovery rest day is Read the rest of this entry »

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