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Cold and foggy – yup, that’s what trail running in Port Alberni is, this time of year

Me and the dogs

Cold and foggy, yup. Well, it’s still a lot better than most parts of Canada. Our temperatures are hovering within a few degrees either side of zero. And most days of the year, there is not so much snow that you can’t run. But that fog hanging down here in the valley – it does get oppressive! Dave and I have done a few runs up high, getting up and above the fog. But not this one.

This is pretty much the route that we run the most – the trail rising off Ship Creek Road, at the south end of Anderson. Sometimes we just run up to the lookout on Read the rest of this entry »


Long December nights means ‘Night Runs’! – running Port Alberni trails by headlamp.

Not TOO foggy that night at least - a bit of mist in my headlamp beam.

[by Dave] After working a 12 hour shift we met on the road to do a night trail run.  Only Jackie has issues understanding the difference between ‘Anderson’ and ’12th’ so while I was waiting for her on the agreed road,  Jackie was on another road. She figured it out and eventually we met up and ran the trails through the dark.  It was a cold and foggy night and the headlamps reflected off the fog between the Read the rest of this entry »

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Xhosa Bluffs run: On the “hump” (Alberni Summit), above the fog!

This was an early start  as Jackie usually sleeps in so she started the day off with spilling her entire hydration pack of Gatoraid over her rug!  Of course this was my fault since it was my idea to leave early.  I wanted to take my daughter up into the mountains later this day into the sun.

Here is Google Earth with my Timex GPS overlay of our route.

I’m finally getting the hang of my new Timex GPS watch.  Here is our route downloaded and overlaid onto Google Earth. The start is the red dot which is the parking spot just off Read the rest of this entry »

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