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Hiking the Inlet Trail in the November sun: Port Alberni the best place to live!

Jackie, Xhosa and I took advantage of our warm November sun to hike from China Creek along the Inlet Trail back to Ship Creek road parking lot in Port Alberni.  We packed a lunch, a thermos of hot coffee and set out for a leisurely 5.5 hour stroll along the sunny waterfront; a world-class gem!

Looking South.

Looking south, down the 60 km Alberni Inlet towards the ocean.

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A big hilly training hike to prep for the Squamish 50k ultramarathon – with an internet stranger!

LP1040214I only knew Nikki, aka @ndscottnygren, through my @running_ultras Twitter account. She’s a Vancouver-based trail runner and ultramarathoner, and she was coming out to Port Alberni for a few days. She tweeted and asked if we could go for a run together.

This was only 5 days before my wedding, and 12 days before the Squamish 50k ultramarathon that Dave and I would be running as our honeymoon! So I wasn’t very Read the rest of this entry »

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Spring is here, oh yes it is! A break from running to hike up to the Alberni Inlet Trail lookout

Port Alberni, hiking, running, Alberni Inlet Trail, lookoutI’m taking a few days off running because my knee has been acting up. Nothing major – it has a history – but just want to nip it in the bud,before it flares up. I’ve been doing some long hikes instead (which has been great for Xhosa, our dog who just had surgery on her leg two weeks ago). So it was perfect timing when my good friend from my old Tofino days, Joanna, emailed me on Monday to say she’d be passing through town on Tuesday: did I want to go on a hike?

Not to mention… the forecast was for sunshine and warmth. And it Read the rest of this entry »


From October: Dave and Jackie and the dogs pick a gorgeous sunny day to hike the Alberni Inlet Trail!

LP1020319These pix are from last October – I just didn’t get around to posting them. Dave’s Dad drove us all out to the China Creek entrance to the trail, and we hiked the 13 or so very hilly km back to the trailhead in Port Alberni…. and lucked out by it turning into an absolutely beautiful day!

As I’ve mentioned before, we take hiking as Read the rest of this entry »

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We are the queens of multi-tasking! A running visit to Victoria, BC.

L20131210_150239Who wants to sit around in some café drinking coffee and eating sweet stuff… when you can have a great visit and yack while running! That’s what Kathleen and I did in Victoria, BC, this week.

Kathleen and I only met this past June – she was one of the organizers (through VISTA, the Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association) of the trail run here for International Trails Day, which Dave and I helped out with. But we hit it off, both by email prior to the event, and on the day of the run. We agreed to Read the rest of this entry »

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Dave and Valerie backpack the CNPR Trail, Alberni Inlet Trail from Franklin Flats to Port Alberni.

The start of the Franklin Flats CNPR trail.

The start of the Franklin Flats CNPR trail.

We started at the South end of the CNPR Trail. To access this trailhead drive South on the Banfield road, turn West at the “Camp B” sign, drive until you can see the water, stop, look right and the trail should be obvious. Read the rest of this entry »

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VI Spine run on National Trails day!

What a wonderful run with our friends from for the VI Spine run.  The Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association organizers had contacted us a month ago because they wanted to organize their run here in Port Alberni! Jackie and I were happy that they chose our beautiful trails for their event, and of course we were happy to help out.

Two large groups from the Comox Valley and Victoria came to experience our little section of the VI Spine trail starting at Ship Creek.  There were three options; a longer ~14 km run to Lone Tree point and return, a shorter 7 km loop, and a hiking option. I (Dave) led the long group, Jackie with a recovering foot injury brought up the rear of the short run, and Robert Gunn from the Alberni Valley Outdoor Club looked after the hikers.

VI Spine run 026

The two groups headed out together and our first stop was the first viewpoint. Read the rest of this entry »

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