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Get out in the sunshine when you can!

OK, these pix are from two weeks ago – we’ve got a few posts backed up now, because we’re both so busy with work that we haven’t had time to go through the pix and post them.

Heading out – starting on the logging roads (sunnier route).

So Dave was in Hawai’i – again. (Doing a medical repatriation). The weather had sucked for weeks, and it was finally sunny – so I decided to take the dogs out and go for a longish one. So the route is nothing spectacular – it’s Dave’s and my standard “backyard” route, up Copper Mountain and up to the top of the lookout, then down to the Boy Scout Camp on the water, and then back out. We’ve already posted lots of pix of this route. But it was just such a beautiful day (and I wanted to make Dave jealous, because it was raining in Hawai’i!) that I took lots of pix – so I’ll share them here. Read the rest of this entry »

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