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Biking from Nice, France, to Monaco! Really!

Sorry, we’re a bit backed up on our blogging – we were having too much fun cycling and touring in France to sit on the computer editing photos and writing blog posts. We’re home now, and working on catching up. More coming soon…

Wow, what a concept – biking to Monaco! From here in Port Alberni it is 40 km to the next town east, and 110 km to the next town west. But from Nice, it’s only 20 km to the next country!! (And only 16 km beyond that to Italy). The Principality of Monaco is only barely a country (4 km long, and much of it only 400-500 m wide) but it is recognized by the UN.

Anyway, after hearing about this legendary place for years, we were both pretty excited about Read the rest of this entry »