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Jackie’s solo run of the Juan de Fuca Trail (47 km along the SW coast of Vancouver Island)

LP1040173This is a run I have been thinking of doing since last October, when April and I ran 30 km of the Juan de Fuca Trail. I’d always thought of the Juan de Fuca as the “ugly sister” of the world-famous West Coast Trail – but I was surprised when April and I went by how beautiful it is! And it’s much more doable as a one-day run than the West Coast Trail – at 47 km compared to the WCT’s 78 km. The terrain is still challenging: technical trails with lots of roots and mud, some pretty steep hilly parts, and coastal sections where you are hopping long boulder beach for a kilometre or two. But it doesn’t have the Read the rest of this entry »


Valerie and Dave canoe the Bowron Lake Circuit

The Bowron Lakes circuit is in central B.C. East of Quesnel.  Its a 116 km circuit through the high mountains with over 10 km of portaging.

Adventure begins!  Kibii Lake.

Adventure begins! Kibee Lake.


Our six day adventure started by portaging from Bowron lake Park headquarters uphill to Read the rest of this entry »

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Back when we had two dogs… spring wildflowers on the Alberni Inlet Trail

LP1030878These are hard photos for me to look at. They’re from a hike I did with the dogs about a week before Tank died, on the Alberni Inlet Trail, at the end of May when all the wildflowers are in bloom. Dave has been really busy these last few months, so it has mostly just been me and the dogs on the trails.

Now, with Tank gone, it’s just Xhosa and me… Xhosa and I went back there the other day, first time since Read the rest of this entry »