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At last! after attempting to Qualify back in 2010 and training for this race alone for over a year the race finally came.

Before the race I pray to the Triathlon Gods for speed, and lots of it!

I had a photo shoot the day before the race: when you are 47 years old racing in any world championships is not something I can do too often! Read the rest of this entry »

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Dave and Jackie actually run! (And Tankie gets a new outfit)

All four of us, back on the trails together!

It has been ages since Dave and I have run together. We did one mixed jog/walk a month or so ago, after my marathon but before his triathlon – but aside from that, between our opposing travel schedules and then the need to recover from our races, it’s been probably 6 weeks since we’ve run together. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hiking Lone Cone Mountain, Meares Island (Clayoquot Sound, near Tofino)

Well, we’re doing a lot more hiking than running these days. Partly the cold weather and the snow, and partly Dave and I are still recovering from our recent races: not pushing our legs too hard just yet. He and I got out on a few short hikes in the snow last week. But yesterday I did a great one with some friends near Tofino: Lone Cone mountain on Meares Island!

April and Malcolm (both of whom I ran the Victoria Marathon and Shawnigan Half with in October) and

View of Lone Cone from the Tofino docks

I had all decided to head out to Tofino for Oysterfest. April suggested: Why don’t we hike Lone Cone while we are there?

 So I arranged our boat transport out to Meares Island with my good friend, Tla-o-qui-aht canoe-carver and wilderness guide, Joe Martin. The Lone Cone trail is now a usually publicly accessible trail – it is on Tla-o-qui-aht land, and it is respectful to request permission from Tla-o-qui-aht before going there. So, although there are other boat operators who will drop you off there, I definitely prefer to go through Joe.

November is not the best time of year to go hiking on the west coast – days are short (sunset is around 4:30) and the normal November weather is gale-force winds and buckets of horizontal rain. But Read the rest of this entry »

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Winter seems to have arrived – so Dave’s dogs and Jackie walk instead of run!

I need to ask dad for a coat that fits me!

Well, I am glad that yesterday was my travel day back from Ontario. A beautiful, clear-sky day: perfect for flights departing and arriving on time, and for driving across Vancouver Island.

Not so today! The snow started about 9am! I had told Dave I would take the dogs out for a run (he had to work 12 hrs today). But, instead, I put on my snow boots and took them for a romp in the snow (all time on the feet is good for ultramarathon training!). Tank had had a recent haircut, so I was a bit worried about him in the cold. The only doggie-coat I could find was pretty small – I tucked it through one front leg, and tried  to tuck the other side of it under his harness… but to no avail. It flopped around lop-sidedly, but didn’t slow him down. (There is not much that Read the rest of this entry »

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Running in Ontario: Guelph Lake and TransCanada Trail (Caledon East area)

Look how many trails there are!

I’m just back from a one-week trip visiting family in Ontario. This is a great thing about running – not much equipment needed. It’s something you can keep up while travelling. As opposed to other sports, like swimming or cycling – where you need to either get to a specific place (a gym or a pool) or need a lot of equipment (bike, kayak…).  Although I was a bit worried this time – my knee is still not 100% healed after my spontaneous decision to run the Victoria Marathon last month.

First stop was Guelph, visiting my dad. I knew there was a river with a trail beside it about 1 km from his seniors home. So I jogged down to check it out – and was very pleased to find that there was a whole network of mountain biking trails in there, along the river and through the forest and up to Guelph Lake! They are exactly the kind of trails that I love to run on – narrow rolling and winding dirt paths, meandering through the forest. I went for Read the rest of this entry »


Run Kuwait

[by Dave] I was sent to Kuwait to repatriate an American IT contractor from an Orthopedic Hospital in Kuwait City to Killins, Texas. Great timing for me to get heat acclimatized and get some hot runs in before going to the World Triathlon Long Course Championships in Las Vegas. The five day trip took eight days as nothing is efficient. Simon, a paramedic was with me for this trip. Simon is an Olympian from the British Field Hockey team.

Yes, its hot!

The above pic is when I started a run before daybreak, and that point is my turnaround about an hour in. I was hot. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dave’s dogs and Jackie run…

Autumn fun! The weather has been mostly pretty good!

Well, Dave and Jackie haven’t been doing much running together this last month or so. Dave got sent to Kuwait for 8 days for work, and now he’s in Las Vegas – he just raced the Triathlon Worlds long-course today! – but I’ll leave it to him to post about that.

What that means is that, with all his travelling, there’ve been two dogs who are needing their long runs! And one runner, missing her training buddy. So the dogs and I have been hanging out pretty much every day.  I’ve taken advantage of my time with them to get some obedience training in – since the only thing Dave has trained them to do is to eat smoked salmon off his fork at the dinner table. (To be fair to Dave… Read the rest of this entry »

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