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West Coast Trail day run: Northern half, Nitinat Narrows to Pachena, 32 km

Well, this one took a lot of preparation. But was it ever worth it!

So we are not 100% sure that what we did strictly followed the Park rules. Apparently Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has not been able to keep pace with the “new” sport of trail-running (new???) so they are not able to get their heads around how to permit this. (We did try!). Supposedly you don’t need a permit for day-use (which is what we were). But at the same time, they do not recognize Nitinat Narrows as an official entry point. However, they would have permitted us to do the exact same route in the opposite direction.

But we are experienced runners and experienced wilderness travellers and we take safety issues, especially on a long and remote and challenging route like this, very seriously. We consider going the other direction to be much more risky because Read the rest of this entry »