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Our usual ultramarathon training trail, the Alberni Lookout, like we’ve never seen it before – by snowshoe!

2014-02-23 16.56.46This is the trail that Dave and I are on all the time, most weeks several times – up from the trailhead at the corner of Anderson and Ship Creek Road, Port Alberni, up Copper Mountain. But this week, we’ve had so much snow! Dave was working day shifts, so I got out exploring for several days with the dogs – some days in my regular trail runners, some days in my Salomon Snowcross shoes (they have spike, great for gripping in slippery conditions), and some days by snowshoe! Read the rest of this entry »

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Cougar tracks!

L2014-02-17 17.12.42Vancouver Island has one of the highest density’s of cougars in the world – especially around here, Port Alberni,in the centre of the Island. But that doesn’t mean that we see them much. For all the time I’ve spent in the bush (and I’ve seen LOTS of wild bears and wolves) I’ve never seen a cougar. But the great thing about snow is that you can see animals’tracks. You can tell if they are around, even if you don’t see the creature itself.

On Monday, it was pretty wet and slushy out. I had been Read the rest of this entry »


Peru trip: Arrival in Cusco, and acclimatizing to the altitude with a hike up to Sacsayhuaman

LP1030070Here are pix from our first day in Peru. We flew directly to Cusco (via Lima), so had abruptly come up from zero to 3400 m, (11,152′). I still had a whole lot of extra red blood cells kicking around in my system, since I had been to the Himalayas only 2 and a half months before. The altitude was tougher on Dave. In any case, it’s always wise to be cautious when arriving at elevation…. so we had a casual evening, wandering around town and then having dinner and a good sleep, before venturing out the next day. Read the rest of this entry »

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More tourism on foot: Hiking and jogging around Long Beach, California

LP1030005Dave and I couldn’t get a flight from LAX to Peru until five days after his holidays started. It was the first week of January – and we thought it would be much better to wait out our departure in Long Beach, CA, then home in chilly Port Alberni! So we hopped on down there, and had a wonderful low-budget vacation there for four days – not spending much money at all, and doing what we seem to do best: waking and jogging around to see the sights, and eating cheap Mexican food!

We went out every day – some days for long sight-seeing walks and birdwatching, and some days mixing up the Read the rest of this entry »


Gear review, compression shorts: Opedix CORE-Tec shorts

LP1010795I’ve had over a year to review Opedix’s CORE-Tec shorts – lots of opportunities to test them on a variety of runs, from training runs to races, and in quite a range ofweather conditions. The CORE-Tec shorts come under the classification of compression wear: clothing that is designed to fit very snugly. There are many reasons for wearing compression clothing during exercise: Read the rest of this entry »

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