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Thank you Salomon! Trail-running shoes that are actually meant for… well… trails!

The Copper Mountain downhill.

I have been telling Dave for over a year that I wish I could have input on the design of trail-running shoes. Especially in their treads. I want trail runners that have treads like snow tires.

I confess that I do own a lot of different trail runners – but it’s not because I am trying to be the Imelda Marcos of the running shoe world. It’s just that pretty much every running shoe that I have is good for one thing but not for something else. So I pick whichever shoe is appropriate to the route we are doing and the weather conditions that day.

(Besides, it all works out the same in the end: You have one pair of running shoes that you wear out and replace after six months. Or you have six pairs of running shoes and you alternate which ones you wear, and they last you three or four years).

Anyway, the one thing that I have found lacking in ALL of my running shoes – up until now – is the treads. When I am flying down a trail Read the rest of this entry »

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Dave and Jackie are in the big city of Vancouver so a great time to run the Stanley Park Seawall

We were in Vancouver visiting family so an awesome opportunity to run around Stanley Park.  We even had nice weather.

Lost lagoon

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Run Vancouver!

Dave and I are in the big city for the weekend. So we decided to do a big city run. Dave was pleasantly surprised when I found us a route that took us up the Capilano Canyon, on the border between West Van and North Van. Didn’t even have to put on our road-runners – it was almost like home!

Well, it's not every day that Dave and I run under a highway overpass on the way to our trail run.

We took a side trail down from the main one - amazing, the feel of being in totally wild country, right in the middle of the city!...and then we look up to the left, and there is someone's mansion up at the top of the wilderness!!

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We’ll take the sunshine when we can!

Taking logging roads rather than trails, for max sun exposure.

Yup, this time of year it’s a matter of being flexible, spontaneous, and opportunistic It might be grey and rainy for a week or two before we see the sun. And, as I am finding out (my first winter in Port Alberni), even when the whole rest of Vancouver Island is in sun, the Alberni Valley may be shrouded in fog!

We were very lucky with the sunshine and warmth for our snowshoeing trip last weekend. Then, on Tuesday we were doubly lucky! It was gorgeous and sunny here in Port… and that was the morning that Dave had scheduled the cement to be delivered to lay the pad for our new hot tub! Yes, as Read the rest of this entry »

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Dave and Jackie snowshoe!

Setting out, from the highway (below the main resort area).

Dave’s work hosted a weekend up at Mt. Washington… a great chance for me to try out my brand new snowshoes (I ordered them before Christmas, but haven’t had a chance to use them yet). Snowshoeing is great cross-training for running – and it also just adds a bit variety to the winter régime of runs-in-the-rain. We were really lucky with the weather… so, for this post, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Setting out... looks like the sun may come out (ocean in the distance).

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