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Exploring California’s Berkeley hills by running (well, OK, hiking too)

LP1020083I had two days in San Francisco for my book launch – but then decided to add on two days to visit my old friend Donald, who now lives in Berkeley. Donald and I studied geology together at San Diego State University in 1985-86 (which means went on a lot of field trips, and crossed the border frequently to go down to Ensenada to eat fish tacos and lobster dinners, and drink margaritas and Coronas).  Lots of great memories from those days (but how did we get so old?) Unfortunately, Read the rest of this entry »

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What better way to do a tour of San Francisco than go running?

LP1020067Woohoo, I’m here in San Francisco for the launch of my most recent book (a collection of tales from the indigenous Yagán people of southern Patagonia, which I have translated to English). My presentation was on Friday night – so Saturday morning it was time to burn off a bit of physical energy, and go for a running tour of the city. Read the rest of this entry »