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Sun Mountain 80 km ultramarathon, Winthrop, Washington! Our first 50 miler!

Owner Carl at Javaman Burritos

Owner Carl at Javaman Burritos

Jackie and I have gone to Winthrop, WA, to run ultramarathons for four years in a row. A stop for burritos at Java Man Espresso and Burrito Bar is now a ritual. Read the rest of this entry »

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Report and photos: Angel’s Staircase 60k ultramarathon, near Winthrop, WA

LcP1010838Wow, what a race! Dave has already posted a video of the race, which you can see here: Angel’s Staircase 60k Ultramarathon video.

So my report will be pretty brief – more photos than words, other than the photo captions. Basically, our run went quite well… one of my first races that I actually have done some race-appropriate training for! I have had more than Read the rest of this entry »


Our first race together! Sun Mountain 50k Ultramarathon race report

Stopping mid-course for a photo!

Life has been really busy for Dave and me… which is why not a lot has been happening on the blog this year, and why this race report is being posted two weeks after the fact. Between setting up house together, and both of us having pretty killer work schedules (I was finishing my MFA at UBC, and Dave was working lots of overtime on his TWO jobs), and then both of us getting sick for much of March-April, we have not had a lot of time for blogging… or even for training!

So we did not end up at the start line of our first race together as well trained and finely tuned and ready to go as we had hoped. Read the rest of this entry »


Sun Mountain 50k Ultramarathon, Winthrop, WA: Photo highlights

This was Dave’s and my first race together! And it was my first single-day ultramarathon, and Dave’s first ultra at all. So we were both really excited, about the race itself as well as racing it together. We’ll write a blog post about the whole experience – what we did, and what we learned – but for now, here are some photo highlights from this very beautiful course: Sun Mountain, in Winthrop, Washington. Read the rest of this entry »


Pre Sun Mountain Washington 50 km Ultra Prep

Today Dave and Jackie are getting ready for our first 50km ultra together.  We drove to Winthrop, Washington and are ready to race!

Cascades Mountain range.

The drive to Winthrop was spectacular; through the Cascade Range.  This is Highway 20 which only opened 10 days ago. Read the rest of this entry »