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The best thing about running (or one of the best things, anyway)…

The best thing about running is that you can do it anywhere!

I’m on the ferry right now, heading from Tsawwassen (Vancouver) back to Vancouver Island. I’ve just been in Ontario for the last five days – visiting family, as well as attending some writing events for an award that I was short-listed for. I got out on two very short jogs on Monday (one with my 9yo niece!) but, other that, I have been totally rushing around and not getting any exercise at all.

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Dave and Jackie are in the big city of Vancouver so a great time to run the Stanley Park Seawall

We were in Vancouver visiting family so an awesome opportunity to run around Stanley Park.  We even had nice weather.

Lost lagoon

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Run Vancouver!

Dave and I are in the big city for the weekend. So we decided to do a big city run. Dave was pleasantly surprised when I found us a route that took us up the Capilano Canyon, on the border between West Van and North Van. Didn’t even have to put on our road-runners – it was almost like home!

Well, it's not every day that Dave and I run under a highway overpass on the way to our trail run.

We took a side trail down from the main one - amazing, the feel of being in totally wild country, right in the middle of the city!...and then we look up to the left, and there is someone's mansion up at the top of the wilderness!!

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