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I’ve wanted to do this hike for years – Mount Klitsa!

LIMG_0515Dave and I had a great mid-July hike with Ron and Brett up Mount Adder. They were planning a trip a couple of days later to Mount Klitsa, and invited us along on that too. I was totally excited about that – I’ve wanted to do Klitsa for years. My old Tofino friend, artist Mark Hobson, had told me about it, but somehow I never had a chance to get up there. Dave couldn’t go this time – he was packing, leaving for Iceland the next day – but I jumped at the chance! Read the rest of this entry »

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Summer hike up Mt. Adder – between Port Alberni and Tofino

LDSCN2023This was fun – hiking with new friends! We had met Ron through Dave’s sister – he is a trainer and runs a gym here in Port Alberni. Ron invited Dave and me, along with his friend Brett, to hike up Mt. Adder – one of the many mountains up near Sutton Pass, halfway between Port Alberni and Tofino.

You never know what you are up for when you do a tough hike with Read the rest of this entry »

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Hiking the Mt. Arrowsmith “Cut” with Hannah

image[4]This was a fun hike we did last month (sorry, we’re way behind on blog posts…more coming soon!) Dave has been working with two nurses, Hannah and Amanda, who are here in Port Alberni on temporary assignment, just for a few months. They wanted to do some hiking and see the sights while here, so they picked Dave’s brain about trails… and they ended up doing pretty much every trail around! Read the rest of this entry »