Jackie’s away so Dave, Anne and Nicole run!

Great view of Port Alberni

Jackie’s away for a month or so so I’m taking my sister Anne and her friend Nicole out for them to get used to the Copper Mountain Trail system. Port Alberni had 200 mm of rain in three days so a rare day of a fine mist was a treat!

Anne and Nicole are ‘learning runners’ so I took my time running up the mountain.

Here we are on the first 'down' trail and we cut across the the clearing on the upper left.

This stop is on the gravel road between the two 'down' trails to Camp Weisman, on our way to the mossy bluffs.

Im not sure why Anne and Nicole were breathing so hard and sweating as I was kind of chilled at the casual pace.   We eventually made it to the lookout.

Xhosa has seen this view many, many times.

Anne and Nicole were good troopers and were glad we were at the top!

The dogs don't mind a slow cruise; more sniffing time!

  1. #1 by Anne on January 11, 2012 - 8:43 am

    Nicole and I are thrilled that Dave is taking us out! Mostly so we don’t get lost but we are enjoying the breath taking views (not to mention the breath taking slopes we have to climb!), All good! It is awesome to experience some great trails! Thanks Dave!

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