Happy days! Dave and Jackie back together, up Copper Mountain…

Us and "the kids" at the lookout above the inlet.

Copper Mountain is our standard run – we’re so lucky to have it at our back door. But Dave and I have been running it alone far too much lately – with one or the other of us always being away.

We’ve been best friends and running partners for over two years now. And we’ve decided that we make a pretty good combination… so Dave and I have decided to become life partners as well! So today’s run, to one of our favorite places, finally running it together again, was extra special!

We’re looking forward to many years of running adventures together… and to continue to tell you about our travels here. Enjoy!

Dave, Xhosa and Tank on the logging road, at the start - not so much snow down here.

As we got higher, into the snow, we saw fresh cougar tracks! That's the cool thing about winter running, you can see who has passed by - find out things you would never have a clue about on the summer runs.

We came back down by the trail, rather than the logging road. Here we are at the little bench above Anderson Ave., overlooking the town.

  1. #1 by mooniemoola aka David on January 26, 2012 - 2:14 pm

    Ok! Ok! Running up mountains and, together, going to the dogs. I sometimes take my cats out for a slow walk on the Gibson Path. They utterly exhaust me, but sometimes reward me with a fresh-killed rat before they chow down on it. I worship at the alter of Bastet, but most Anubians are ok –at a distance. Ciao, babies. David. (You know, the other one)

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