Run Kuwait

I was sent to Kuwait to repatriate an American IT contractor from an Orthpedic Hospital in Kuwait City to Killins, Texas.  Great timing for me to get heat acclimatized and get sore hot runs in before going to the World Triathlon Long Course Championships in Las Vegas.  The five day trip took eight days as nothing is efficient.  Simon, a paramedic was with me for this trip.  Simon is an Olympian from the British Field Hockey team.

Yes, its hot!

The above pic is when I started a run before daybreak, and that point is my turnaround about an hour in.  I was hot.

I waited for all signals...

Kuwait city has a hospital called ‘The car crash hospital’ as the drivers suck, drive too fast, reckless, and as a foreigner I’m definitely a second class citizen.  I waited for all lights.

Lots of very interesting buildings.

This building was so big! Note the window washer platform a third the way up on the left.

They have way too much money here.

The hotel pool has a slide, river, and waterfall.

After a hot run, or bike in the air conditioned gym, I would swim laps around the hotel pool.

Sheep brains looked awesome! Some other time maybe...

There was work to do every day and also down time.  This place is the Mubarica Market.  I bought my daughter a Guggi watch for about $11.00

I didn't fool anyone, but I now have an authentic, Syrian made Arab outfit!

I always wanted an arabic outfit!

This guy is a Kuwaiti who came to Canada for eight years to become a medical doctor at Dalhousi university.  He was also working for the insurance company to help us get the permits and paperwork done.  he took us out to authentic Kuwati food lunch.  Here I had lamb and rice, very yummy.

Since Kuwait law is Koran based, alcohol is illegal.  Simon and I tried the local custom of smoking a water bomb, or whatever it is called.  We passed on the hasheish and opium and instead smoked grape flavoured water.  probably not the best way to prepare for a world championships a week away…

We love you Dave!!!

Since KLM cancelled our tickets as our patient weighed 320 lbs and their stretcher could not handle hip we flew with Air Emirates instead.  the stretcher was fitted over six economy seats and costs$33,000.00 for the patient alone.  Awesome airline.  We flew to Dubai and changed planes.  The above pic was taken through the rear open door.  Then 16 hours to Texas.

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