I was sent to Quwait to take a patient from an Orthopedic Hospital in Kuwait city  to Killins, Texas.  What I soon learned was absolutely nothing happens quickly or efficiently in Quwait.  So the job took eight days instead of five.  Simon, a paramedic was sent with me.  Simon is a former Olympian on the British Field Hockey team so we worked well together, although Simon did his own runs.

I would start running at daybreak and turn around in an hour; this pic is where I turned around to go back to my hotel.  It was hotter than it looks.

I waited for all signals...

The signs were quite accurate as the drivers were insane and there was even a hospital called the “Car Crash Hospital” because there were so many accidents.




The Architecture is amazing!

This building was so big! Note the window washer platform a third the way up on the left.


These were too cool!


After I ran, or cycled in an air-conditioned hotel gym, I would cool off by swimming laps in the pool.


The hotel pool has a slide, river, and waterfall.

I should mention that I get paid no matter what I do…  I was in Quwait for four days and everyday we had some sort of issue to deal with.

In between our work we had time to explore the markets.

Sheep brains looked awesome! Some other time maybe...

I attempted to blend in with the locals.

I didn't fool anyone, but I now have an authentic, Syrian made Arab outfit!


The insurance company hired a Kuwati doctor to look after the proper paperwork to get the Patient out of there.  The airlines all require there proper permits.  Dr.Himi took us out for authentic Kuwati food.  I had lamb and rice, very good!

Since alcohol is illegal as the Kuwati legal system is based on the Koran, Simon and I tried some local culture, smoking the water bong or whatever they called it.  No hashes or opium for us, we smoked grape-flavoured water.  Probably not the best way to taper for a World Championships, but it is what it is…

We couldn’t use KLM as our original airline as the patient was too heavy for their stretcher setup so we went with Air Emirates instead.  The stretcher went over six seats and cost $33,000.00 for the patient alone.  We made it to Texas OK and I did get a run in texas before heading home for a day before flying to Vegas to race.

We love you Dave!!!

I love this job!


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