Dave’s Tofino Run

We are in Tofino for a few days as Jackie is speaking about the geology of Clayoquot Sound for the Rainforest Education Society at the Tofino Botanical Gardens.  While Jackie was preparing her presentation I took the opportunity to go for a longer run through the Tofino trail system and out to Chesterman Beach and back.

Tonquin Beach.

Tonquin Beach.

I started on the ‘Lighthouse Trail’ system, which starts right in town, and first stop was Tonquin Beach.

Weeping Cedar Woman at the Tofino Community Centre.

Weeping Cedar Woman at the Tofino Community Centre.

The trail loops around to the Tofino Community Centre, then through the Industrial area.

Great interpretive signs on the trails.

Great interpretive signs on the trails.

I really liked the awesome interpretive signs along the trails financed by the local Rainforest Education Society.

Impressive culverts.

Impressive culverts.

Hmmm, great map signage, interpretive signs, awesome culverts:  obviously the trails are enough of a priority to the community to fund them properly.  It was raining and there were still many people using the trails.  Great vision, Tofino!

Chesterman Beach.

Chesterman Beach.

My turnaround point at the middle of Chesterman’s Beach.  A strong south wind here but warm.  I cruised back along the ‘Multi-use Path’ (MUP) which runs beside the highway, from Tofino to the Tourist Information Centre  seven km out of town.

Jackie's speaking engagement on the Geoloy of Clayoquot Sound.

Jackie’s speaking engagement on the Geology of Clayoquot Sound.

Jackie had an awesome talk to over eighty paid audience-members at the Botanical Gardens for the Raincoast Education Society.  A great performance which included information about the geological history and formation, earthquake, and tsunamis of Clayoquot Sound, as well as the proposed Catface copper mine.

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