Our honeymoon ultramarathon run in the mountains: The Squamish 50!

The Squamish 50 is a very well organized race, attracting ultramarathon runners from far abroad. It fills up fast: Jackie has written a race report for Running Ultramarathons. Here is my take:

There are three race distances, 23 km, 50 km, and 50 miles. While we ran the 50 km, a surprising amount of runners ran both the 50 miles on Saturday and the 50 km on Sunday!

Early morning start before the sun!

Early morning start before the sun!

The race start is six am at Alice Lake, so we boarded a bus at the Squamish waterfront before five!  The race started in the growing light which meant we were walking in the trails until we could see better.

Race Start.

Race start.

This race has 8500 feet of cumulative elevation; we did lots of mountain trails in preparation.

Single track trails.

Single track trails.

Mtn biking paradise!

Mountain biking paradise!

We soon discovered the Squamish trail system is a mountain biking mecca, with well signed and developed trails with bridges and even warning signs in front of cliffs.  We would go there for a running vacation anytime.

No wimps allowed...

No wimps allowed…

The trails were a little wet and slippery in the low lands and a little loose and slippery in the mountains… I fell once and so did many others.  There was also a huge amount of DNF’s for various reasons.  I would not call it dangerous, but one does need to concentrate on footing and do the downhills conservatively.

Hot in exposed places.

Hot in exposed places.



Awesome aid stations!

Awesome aid stations!

The race had the best ever aid stations. at every 8 to 10 km.  While I carry all of my calories and salt tablets, I also had a potato, coke, chips, and fruit at every aid station.  They also had water, sports drink, cookies, gels, and the volunteers helped getting the water into my camelback which is always nice when you can’t linger too long.

Scenic bridge.

Scenic bridge.

9 hours, 14 seconds!

9 hours, 14 seconds!

Since all good things must come to an end, we finished in 9:00:14 and beat the middle of the field!  Jackie is really fit right now.

Karl and us.

Karl and us at the finish line. Karl also ran the 50-miler the day before!


  1. #1 by krisandnotsodeepthoughts on August 29, 2014 - 6:22 pm

    Congrats on your races!! It’s always fun to read about others experiences in a race. I ran the 50km as well – spotted me in your start line photo haha:)

    • #2 by davidjgilbert on August 29, 2014 - 7:36 pm

      Congrats to you to! We had so much fun! 50 miles next!

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