We are the queens of multi-tasking! A running visit to Victoria, BC.

L20131210_150239Who wants to sit around in some café drinking coffee and eating sweet stuff… when you can have a great visit and yack while running! That’s what Kathleen and I did in Victoria, BC, this week.

Kathleen and I only met this past June – she was one of the organizers (through VISTA, the Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association) of the trail run here for International Trails Day, which Dave and I helped out with. But we hit it off, both by email prior to the event, and on the day of the run. We agreed to keep in touch, and find some chances to run together in the future. Dave had a course in Victoria this week, so while he was off working I was a lady of leisure hanging out at the Empress Hotel. (Not! I still had my work to do, which I can do from anywhere, plus some Christmas shopping… but I was able to sneak a few hours away).

Blurry - already too dark to take pictures at 4pm.

Blurry – already too dark to take pictures at 4pm.

Well, it is almost winter solstice… so when we met up at 3pm we knew we didn’t have much light left to take pictures. So I only snapped the one above, of us heading out from the Empress, and one other of Kathleen in front of the duck pond in Beacon Hill Park.

But Kathleen led me on a great route, mostly along the waterfront and through the park… and going for a gentle jog for an hour and a half was a great chance for us to visit, to catch up, and to plan some future adventures. Which means that I think you will be seeing more of Kathleen in our blog!

  1. #1 by kathleen birney on December 15, 2013 - 7:09 pm

    that was a fun run, very tame by Jackie standards!

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