Adventures on the road: Niagara Falls (while en route to New York)

Quick note, as Dave and I are driving across North America:

LNew York 003

I’m on book tour right now, promoting the book Hai kur mamashu chis, indigenous tales from the Yagan people of southern Patagonia, which I translated to English. Dave and I flew in to Toronto, spent a week visiting family (and doing a promo show downtown) before driving out for the rest of the tour.

First stop: New York City! Here we are, on the way… we stopped at Niagara Falls. A week in the car means that we’ll be doing a lot less running that unsual… but the beauty of running is that we can do it anywhere! We are in New York until Tuesday (my presentation here is at the Explorer’s Club is Monday night) when we set off for a four-day drive to Regina, with more book events there, as well as in Calgary and Vancouver. (The book link above lists all of the tour dates and venues).

We sure hope to have time to break up our long driving days with some runs… and will post them here if we do!

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