Next up: Race the Steam Train 10k, Port Alberni’s No. 7 Challenge!

Photo: Kristi Dobson

Photo: Kristi Dobson

Here’s a fun new race, that hopefully will become an annual running event: racing Port Alberni’s historic steam train from town to the historic McLean Mill. It’s a 10 km road run with about 150 m of elevation gain. (FYI, organizers promise that we will not actually be racing the train on the train tracks – we will be taking roads nearby…)

Organizer and local runner Brian Callender asked Dave and me to participate in a photo shoot to promo the event a few weeks ago… so here we are! From the event’s Facebook page, it looks like several dozen people have already committed to take part. Dave and I hope to both run it – but we just ran a tough 60k race on Sunday (post and pix coming shortly), and we are waiting to see how our legs have recovered before we commit.

The race starts at 10am at the corner of Dunbar and Third, in town. It goes uphill via the Kitsuksis dyke and Compton Road, and ends at the McLean Mill (more detailed route info and map are posted on the Facebook page). There will be a water stop along the way. A small awards ceremony will be held around noon, and then… guess what… all runners get a free ride back to town at 1pm on the steam train!!

Toot toot! See you there!

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