An interesting run from Cougar Annie’s along the Hesquiaht Peninsula.

Jackie and I were visiting our property at Hot Springs Cove, northwest of Tofino, so we went up past there and visited her old friend, Peter Buckland at Boat Basin.  We were here for two days and managed to go for a neat two hour run through the Hesquiaht traditional territory.

Cougar Annies Garden!

Cougar Annies Garden!

We started at our cabin on the beach, through Peter Buckland’s ‘Cougar Annies Garden’ to get to the old logging road.

Peter Buckland's wood shed!

Peter Buckland’s wood shed!

We were only going to run about an hour but we felt so awesome we ran for two!  We hung out with Peter for two days, then we boated back to Refuge Cove (Hot Springs Cove) and stayed there for another two.

Heading back to Hot Springs Cove.

Heading back to Hot Springs Cove.

Then we hung out on our deck where we could see whales blowing, eagles, kingfishers, and all sorts of marine life and sipped our drinks…

Relaxing on our deck.

Relaxing on our deck.

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