VI Spine run on National Trails day!

What a wonderful run with our friends from for the VI Spine run.  The Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association organizers had contacted us a month ago because they wanted to organize their run here in Port Alberni! Jackie and I were happy that they chose our beautiful trails for their event, and of course we were happy to help out.

Two large groups from the Comox Valley and Victoria came to experience our little section of the VI Spine trail starting at Ship Creek.  There were three options; a longer ~14 km run to Lone Tree point and return, a shorter 7 km loop, and a hiking option. I (Dave) led the long group, Jackie with a recovering foot injury brought up the rear of the short run, and Robert Gunn from the Alberni Valley Outdoor Club looked after the hikers.

VI Spine run 026

The two groups headed out together and our first stop was the first viewpoint.  A little cloudy but they could see our stunning scenery.  After we ran down the North trail the two groups split, and the long group carried on to Lone Tree Point.

One of the VI Spine members GPS’d the route, so we finally have some stats for it: 8.85 miles (14.2 km) with a cumulative elevation gain of 2195′ (669 m). Here’s their map:

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 8.53.00 AM

Lone Tree Point, VI Spine Trail,

Lone Tree Point, VI Spine Trail.

We returned with positive comments on our ‘backyard’ running opportunities and met down at Harbour Quay for a well deserved lunch, before saying goodbye to our new running friends.

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