The little things on our big runs

Calypso orchidDave and I are back from Guadeloupe – my daily race reports are already up on SleepMonsters, and I will repost them here (with more and bigger pictures) soon! But it’s nice to be home, too. We just did a hike up our usual backyard route – up Copper Mountain from the south end of Anderson, then down to the Boy Scout Camp on the inlet, then back up the mountain and down to the parking lot again – for a total cumulative elevation gain of about 500 m.

We have done this route a zillion times, so we know it well. And we notice the changes as the seasons flow past: different birds, different plants, different side-trails we pick to get more sunlight on us. This spring day we noticed so many beautiful little things, from the clusters of blooming Calypso orchids, to the interesting and delicate little fungi. Here are some of those highlights…




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