Photo essay: Autumn colours in full display along Port Alberni’s Roger’s Creek Nature Trail

The Roger’s Creek Nature Trail, along with all of the side-trails that branck off from it, is one of Dave’s and my favourite running routes. The trail-head is a short bike ride or drive from the house. The trails are beautiful – and my favourite kind of trail to run on: rolling and winding forest paths. They are technical as in you have to pay attention – they turn this way and that, and there are a few roots and rocks – but just enough so to make them interesting. They are not challenging at all. And they are shaded by the forest cover, so a great choice in the hottest days of summer, and they don’t get too muddy in the fall and winter rains.

For as many times as we have run them, we haven’t yet done a blog post about them (although our big run with April a year or so ago did include sections along Roger’s Creek). Well, right now, the fall colours are in full display – so Dave and I went out for a very relaxing few hours with my good camera gear (SLR and tripod and all) and the dogs. Here are the results of that photo shoot:

We accessed the Roger’s Creek Nature Trail via this section of the Log Train Trail from Burde Street.

Roger’s Creek – in a few more weeks, there will be salmon swimming up here!

One of the prettiest sections, where the trail wraps around up a little side-creek. The salmon even come up these tiny little creeks, flipping almost right out of the water as they make their way upstream.

Even after three months of pretty much NO rain this summer, none of the undergrowth here dried out.

Although these trails are fairly well used over summer, we didn’t see anyone else out here for the whole two hours we were out!

In case you were wondering about the species of maple here, it’s called the “big-leaf maple.” Seriously!

As I was setting up the tripod to take this pic, a rustling below alerted Dave and me to a big buck across the river, bounding through the ferns. He was followed a minute later by a small doe.

See why the Roger’s Creek trail system is one of our favourites? At any time of year! You can access it from near the top of Burde Street (some parking on the side of the road), or from Redford Road trailhead, with a proper parking lot, a kilometre or two east of Port Alberni’s hospital. The Redford trailhead has a good map of the trail system.

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