Last run in the sun: Port Alberni Candy Store to Hole-in-the-Wall to Knutklacker to Scorpion and return!

Port Alberni’s Iconic ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’

This is our last sunny run in our amazing endless summer! I decided to take Jackie on a trail system she has not been on before, the twin trails up to the Mt. Arrowsmith road at the top of the Hump.  Don’t try to do this route without taking someone who knows it as its impossible to know where the trails are and which turns to make without knowing the entire area well.

The first bit is easy to find, Port Alberni’s iconic ‘Hole in the Wall’.  We parked across from the vet above the Candy store, took the first right, then the next left and followed the trail to the Hole.  If you were wondering about why the Hole in the Wall is there, it was put in as a short-cut of Alberni’s water line before the amalgamation of Alberni and Port Alberni.  The water line is still there, made out of strips of yellow cedar bound in wire.

Pool on Roger Creek tributary.

After running up Roger Creek to the original water works dam, the trail veers up along a tributary and then steeply up to the Black Powder Range road.

Tributary of Roger Creek where the trail crosses.

Jackie taking pics of her trail shoe.

Jackie is a writer for ‘RunLiveLearn‘ online running magazine and Salomon gave her a pair of their new trail shoes to evaluate. Jackie really liked them as they were designed to run on both paved road and trails, a difficult proposition, and she will use them in the Shawnigan Half Marathon later this month which is both trail and pavement.

Salomon’s new trail runners.

This short section heads steeply up to the Black Powder range road.

Trail marker to go down from gravel range road

At the road we crossed and continued up through the forest East until we came out in a new logged area.

Coming out of the forest and into the slash.

We just love running in the sun!

The Knutclacker trail starts up in the trees to the top left.

The above pic is adjacent to Stokes Creek falls, a must see if it’s been raining hard.

Flagging for upcoming logging

The above and below pics are the Knutclacker trail.  It was the original road to Port Alberni during the horse and buggy days, decades before the ‘new’ highway over the hump.  This totally overgrown road was cleared, and bridges installed by Mike Cooke for mountain biking about eight years ago,  and took about two years to complete.  Mike is a now a supervisor in a Washington State hospital, and after the logging, the trail / historic road will most likely be destroyed forever.

The bottom of the Knutckacker.

Xhosa needs water.

The Scorpion trailhead.

The Knutclacker goes right up the the Mt. Arrowsmith Road and comes out at the parking area 200 ft from the highway.  We took the Scorpion trail which is about a half mile down from the road.  There is a scorpion carved into the rock right on the trail, and I’m looking for the name of who carved it and when.

More logging to come on the scorpion.

Everyone trying out the mountain biking ramps!

The Scorpion trail system is one of the oldest mountain biking trails in Port Alberni. It’s full of ramps, jumps and all kinds of dangerous fun stuff!  It is getting old and in disrepair now, and it will be logged too, effectively destroying it.

Definitely a mountain biking trail!

Tank on a car jump!

Jackie loves old junk!

The lower part of Scorpion trail goes past many old cars which the bikers turned into jumps and ramps using hoods, roofs, whatever.  When we came out on the road after a bit I saw an old car with a tree growing through the hood and I remembered it was on the trail so we veered off the logging road and continued down the more scenic trail.

Carrying Tankster through the last bit of scrub.

A definitely good outing, dry and sunny.  It may also be the last of anyone to do this loop as the upcoming logging may destroy it all forever.

  1. #1 by martin saxey on May 12, 2013 - 11:30 pm

    would like to go on some of these but not knowing how to get there. would like to join some hiking groups

  2. #2 by pauline on July 23, 2014 - 7:04 pm

    wondering if you have a gps map for the scorpion trail. thanks

    • #3 by davidjgilbert on July 23, 2014 - 8:42 pm

      Hi Pauline,
      No GPS but we know every trail, logging road, shortcut, deer trail in the valley so we are quite happy to show you and dogs the route. Quite impossible to describe as way too many road and trail intersections and some grown over. It is a long and hot and not a lot of dog watering spots as the trail goes from candy store to the Mt Arrowsmith logging road and back. 3-5 hours walking? we usually run.


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