Dave and Jackie go on a date!

Dave and I do lots of fun things. But we never seem to just slow down to have fun. We needed some slow-paced quality time together… so we decided to go on a date! To one of our favourite places: the lookout on Copper Mountain, our mainstay running route.

Dave carried the big pack – full with a bottle of wine, real glass glasses, pasta, pesto (that I had just made fresh that afternoon from basil from my garden!), a fresh garden salad (also home-grown), and the camp stove. I carried the little pack – with a fleece blanket, a dog blanket, some dog bikkies – oh yeah, and the creme brulées that Dave had just freshly made!

We left the trailhead at the south end of Anderson Ave. at 4:30pm, and got to the top around 5:30 – appreciative of both our running fitness, which made a hike like this not only possible but fun!, and also appreciative of this amazing weather for early October, which had us stripping off our shirts and enjoying the heat! And appreciative of where we live, here in Port Alberni – having places like this literally at our doorstep.

First things first… srip off a few layers of clothing. Then crack open the wine!

It was like mid-summer up there! But once the sun slid behind the ridge-top across the inlet, things chilled down quickly. Time to get cooking!

What a lovely evening… something we have both decided we need to do more often. Yummy food, enjoying one another’s company as they sky darkened and the stars came out…. then hiking down the mountain by headlamp. What fun!

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