Port Alberni Turkey Trot 2012: Running and walking for the Food Bank

Jeannie and me

Hey, now that was a fun morning! (It helps when this October weather continues to be so beautiful!)

A few dozen of us runners and walkers all met up at 10am this morning for the Turkey Trot, a 5k run/walk/ride organized by local runner and news reporter Kristi Dobson to gather food donations for the Food Bank. Registration was free – all we had to do was bring a food donation.

The morning was crisp but sunny, and we all set out from Ozzie’s Cycles on our 5k loop through town. It was great to get out and meet other runners! Dave and I mostly are out there on the trails on our own, so it was a good chance for me to get out there and connect. And I was thrilled to find out that there is another ultrarunner in this town – Mary, who just ran her first 56k race this fall, and is now training for a 110k race for next summer. Mary’s daughter Megan, age 12, ran the whole 5k too – very impressive.

Big thanks to Kristi for organizing it – and also for making the special effort to make sure that non-Facebook people like myself hear about it!

Meeting more Port Alberni trail runners at the start!

Kristi explains the route.

…and GO!

Mary and Megan

(If you are in any of the photos, and want me to put your name in the caption, leave a comment below!)

  1. #1 by Joanna on October 6, 2012 - 5:28 pm

    Out of curiosity, just how fast does a turkey trot?

    Glad you all had fun and a lovely day, as well.

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