Wild Pacific Trail Run, Ucluelet

On our way to Tofino for a paddle carving workshop, Jackie and I stopped to run Ucluelet’s world-class Wild Pacific Trail for a loop of about 15 km.

Wild Pacific Trail!

We got a late start out of Port Alberni which worked in our favour as the fog cleared just as we arrived.

Sun coming out.

What a gorgeous trail, wide, mildly undulating, stunning vistas at every new turn.  A real gem for Ucluelet.

Vista looking East towards Cape Beale.

At this point in the pic above, we saw Humpback Whales.  We stopped to take in the scene.

Tourists watching Whales at Ucluelet’s Amphitrite Lighthouse.

When we came out at the moaning Amphitrite Lighthouse there were a bunch of tourists watching the whales; then when they saw a whale tail in the air there was a collective OOOOOOH-AAAAAHHHH!

Ucluelet Lighthouse.

The rare sunny day was a real treat.  The lighthouse was basically the turnaround loop and we headed back North along the trail.

Awesome views!

As you can see by the above pic, the wind can be severe here so a sunny windless day is perfect!

And on to Tofino where here you can see paddle blanks we had just cut from Yellow Cedar planks.

Paddle carving, Tofino.

And here is Jackie’s paddle at the end of the third day of carving.  Mine was already finished!

  1. #1 by Fiona on September 6, 2012 - 9:12 am

    Thanks guys! Looks like fun!

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