The best thing about running (or one of the best things, anyway)…

The best thing about running is that you can do it anywhere!

I’m on the ferry right now, heading from Tsawwassen (Vancouver) back to Vancouver Island. I’ve just been in Ontario for the last five days – visiting family, as well as attending some writing events for an award that I was short-listed for. I got out on two very short jogs on Monday (one with my 9yo niece!) but, other that, I have been totally rushing around and not getting any exercise at all.

But that’s what’s so great about running – if you’ve got your shoes with you, you can do it pretty much anywhere. I had an hour to spare in the ferry line-up here. By the time I changed my clothes, that gave me about 30 minutes to run. Well, run is perhaps too strong a word… I am sleep-deprived, jet-lagged, and physically exhausted. I jogged. It was not quality training. I felt crappy, and I even walked several times!

But even doing a little workout like that helps. It wasn’t quality training that increased my fitness – but it definitely will help to keep my fitness from slipping backward. I find that I can go up to two full days without running, without feeling my fitness slip. But if I go three days…. then my next run is notable more difficult. Even little ones like this help to prevent that.

And it’s kind of fun, too, seeing a place differently, as a runner. Sure, this was not my most beautiful running route ever. But I got a different view of the water, and the hundreds of herons fishing a long shore. Way better than being bored and waiting in my car for the ferry to board!

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