Loon Lake, Dog Lake, and Daryl Chase’s Mountain Biking trails…

Just dropped Jackie off at Sea Air to fly to Toronto for some kind of writing awards so its the dogs and I for some fast mountain running.  We originally wanted to try a new trail by Whiskey Creek but it was pouring rain there so we stopped at Loon Lake instead.

The Loon Lake trails are fast and scenic!

Daryl Chase and the mountain biking crew did an awesome job of clearing the trails here, its like a groomed path!

We saw a turtle about six inches across his back here.

Tank and Xhosa at Dog Lake

Spectacular scenery right at Port Alberni’s door.  The dogs love it here…

At the top of the ridge, above Dog Lake.

After the trail winds around Loon and Dog Lakes it goes up to a ridge, just enough climbing to get winded!

The trail seems to be called “Summit Lake Trail”

From here the trail is an old road now covered with moss along the ridge.

Fast mossy going here.

Bluffs with great views.

The trail then goes along some logging roads where it goes over some bluffs with awesome views.

You never know why Daryl names a trail, it only makes sense to him!

Xhosa is laghing at my butcher job of Takie’s haircat!

One last spectacular view befor we decend back into the forest; a quick hour and half of tranquility.

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