Running south from HEADQUARTERS, Alberni Inlet

WOW!  It’s been an unreal busy spring with me (Dave) working tons and ending up in cool locations like Nicaugua and Yellowknife, but training has sucked.  Jackie has been busy with her educating and writing screenplays and we have both been sick so now we are back!

Today’s run we started at the Headquarters road (about halfway between Port Alberni and Bamfield) where the Vancouver Island Spine trail crosses and we headed South and East for a few hours and turned around to check out new scenery.  We will definitely be back to continue this trail adventure in the future.

Start of Headquarters Run

We first drove South on the Banfield Road about 20 minutes and had a quick snack before we started.

The sign says “TRAIL”, that’s how we knew where to start!

The day was very hot for May, perfect!  Everything was growing, flowering, and fragrant.

Chair stump?

You just never know what you will see out here!

Jackie helps Tankie down a ladder

Jackie helping Tankie down a ladder.

Dave is in love with his new running hat!

Jackie found herself a new car!

In one spot we ran by ten or so old cars.

Xhosa and tank get a well deserved cool-off.

Lunch break.

A very nicely built bridge over Coleman Creek.

A very nice bridge was built over Coleman creek, its nice to see some of my tax money spent on something productive and healthy.

Out with my three best running buddies.

  1. #1 by Mike Foster on June 2, 2012 - 9:29 am

    Glad you like the bridge Dave. It was designed my Mike Foster at Onsite Engineering. I also supervised construction. Canadian Aircrane was used to place the logs across the channel once the concrete foundations were poured. Coastal Bridge and Construction was hired to lead construction with the trail building crew providing a lot of the labor as well.
    It was designed as a continuous span log bridge with a midspan support on the headquarters side. The stream is actually Parsons Creek though, Coleman is a bit further towards Bamfield.

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