We’ll take the sunshine when we can!

Taking logging roads rather than trails, for max sun exposure.

Yup, this time of year it’s a matter of being flexible, spontaneous, and opportunistic It might be grey and rainy for a week or two before we see the sun. And, as I am finding out (my first winter in Port Alberni), even when the whole rest of Vancouver Island is in sun, the Alberni Valley may be shrouded in fog!

We were very lucky with the sunshine and warmth for our snowshoeing trip last weekend. Then, on Tuesday we were doubly lucky! It was gorgeous and sunny here in Port… and that was the morning that Dave had scheduled the cement to be delivered to lay the pad for our new hot tub! Yes, as daily runners and cyclists, we are very excited about the hot tub – we’ll be in it all the time!

And then we managed to get out on an afternoon run, starting out in the sunshine, and finishing up just as the overcast started moving in. We just did our usual “back-door” route, up the hill (Copper Mountain) at the south end of Anderson Ave, but going up via the open logging road rather than the trail so as to max our vitamin D exposure.

By that night it was dumping rain, and it is stil wet and rainy today (two and a half days later). So we were very appreciated of the break in the weather – for our run, but especially for working the cement. The tub is being delivered today… I am sure we’ll have lots of pix for you once it is up and running!

Lucky - sunshine for Dave, Mike and me to lay the cement for the hot tub pad.

Morning's work done - now out for our run in the sun!

The dogs, in front of Mt. Arrowsmith.

This pic of the dogs was actually taken back in December, one sunny day when Dave was at work. (I emailed it to him just so he could see what we were up to!). Mt Arrowsmith has WAY more snow on it now – it looks spectacular.

Oh, losing the sunshine as we head up the hill...

My three best running buds!

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