Dave and Jackie snowshoe!

Setting out, from the highway (below the main resort area).

Dave’s work hosted a weekend up at Mt. Washington… a great chance for me to try out my brand new snowshoes (I ordered them before Christmas, but haven’t had a chance to use them yet). Snowshoeing is great cross-training for running – and it also just adds a bit variety to the winter régime of runs-in-the-rain. We were really lucky with the weather… so, for this post, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Setting out... looks like the sun may come out (ocean in the distance).

Heading out...

Your hard-working photographer: me! (Good photo, Dave!)

Yup, it's getting warm out...

Dave strips off as he heads for the double-sun - shining from above, and reflecting up from the snow!

Winding our way, up... up...

It's our first time snowshoeing together! (Lots more to come, though!)

So we went up this hill... and all of a sudden, there was this cliff!

Umm, I'm not sure why this photo made the final selection. (Dave???)

Hmmm... I could think of a lot of captions for this one!

The uphills are especially good cross-training for running - work the hip flexors and quads more than running does!

Yes, it's definitely warm out. Even to me!

The good thing about all the snow is that we can go ANYWHERE - not like in summer, where all the bush gets in the way!

Lunch in the back of Dave's truck. Well, Dave checks his Blackberry while I eat!

  1. #1 by april on February 6, 2012 - 7:48 am

    looks like great weather. How come the dogs didn’t get to go????

    • #2 by Jacqueline Windh on February 6, 2012 - 9:55 am

      Yes, we came home to some sad dogs… The weekend was organized by Dave’s employer, and the chalet they had rented did not allow dogs… that’s why. The snow would have been too tough for Tankie anyway – his legs are only about 4″ long. (Whereas Xhosa’s feet are like built-in snowshoes).

  2. #3 by wigglesandtwiggles on February 8, 2012 - 11:31 am

    Congratulations Dave and Jackie. I wish you all the best together.
    Karen Palmer

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