Dave and Jackie actually run! (And Tankie gets a new outfit)

All four of us, back on the trails together!

It has been ages since Dave and I have run together. We did one mixed jog/walk a month or so ago, after my marathon but before his triathlon – but aside from that, between our opposing travel schedules and then the need to recover from our races, it’s been probably 6 weeks since we’ve run together.

Well, my knee is 99% recovered from my marathon, and it has now been two and a half weeks post-race for Dave. He went really hard on that triathlon, so he definitely needed to be smart and go easy on his body for a while to avoid injury. We did a few hikes last week – but today we decided to put the running shoes on and try it out. We got something like 7 cm of rain last night – so that melted a lot of the snow that had fallen over the last week.

Oh! And I complained on Tank’s behalf about Tank’s doggie-coat being too small. So Dave sent his daughter out on a mission – and she returned with a spectacular fur-lined red jacket from the Martha Stewart doggie collection! When I got over to Dave’s place, he already had Tankie dressed and ready to go – the little hood pulled up over his head reminding me of horse blinkers. (But why sacrifice style for functionality?).

So we just headed out for a short one in the hills behind Dave’s house, up above the Maquinna School. Between all the rain we’d had, plus the several inches of snow that it had melted, much of our trail system had turned into flowing creeks. But that’s OK – we actually consider ourselves very lucky to live here in Port Alberni, one of the few places in Canada where you can run for much of the winter. We had a good yack as we ran about the long runs we want to do over this winter – both of us thinking of ultras to enter for the coming year.

It was good to finally get out again! Now that we’re back at it, there should be lots more runs to tell you about over the coming months!

Tankie's new outfit: "Hmm... I'm not sure about this hood.."

"Maybe if I just roll around a bit, I can scrape it off."

"Oh, almost got it! I can hear that velcro popping!"

"Success!! Take that, Martha Stewart!!"

Still lots of snow up there, in spite of all the rain.

Our first posed pic with all of us (but poor Xhosa - she's naked!)

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