Winter seems to have arrived – so Dave’s dogs and Jackie walk instead of run!

I need to ask dad for a coat that fits me!

Well, I am glad that yesterday was my travel day back from Ontario. A beautiful, clear-sky day: perfect for flights departing and arriving on time, and for driving across Vancouver Island.

Not so today! The snow started about 9am! I had told Dave I would take the dogs out for a run (he had to work 12 hrs today). But, instead, I put on my snow boots and took them for a romp in the snow (all time on the feet is good for ultramarathon training!). Tank had had a recent haircut, so I was a bit worried about him in the cold. The only doggie-coat I could find was pretty small – I tucked it through one front leg, and tried  to tuck the other side of it under his harness… but to no avail. It flopped around lop-sidedly, but didn’t slow him down. (There is not much that slows Tankie down).

So, that is a change of pace, after the mostly good weather we’ve been experiencing both here and in Ontario. But fun!

Cuz this is definitely not a great design when I have to pee...

Oh, everything smells so clean and fresh!

The dogs had fun. So did I!

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