Running in Ontario: Guelph Lake and TransCanada Trail (Caledon East area)

Look how many trails there are!

I’m just back from a one-week trip visiting family in Ontario. This is a great thing about running – not much equipment needed. It’s something you can keep up while travelling. As opposed to other sports, like swimming or cycling – where you need to either get to a specific place (a gym or a pool) or need a lot of equipment (bike, kayak…).  Although I was a bit worried this time – my knee is still not 100% healed after my spontaneous decision to run the Victoria Marathon last month.

First stop was Guelph, visiting my dad. I knew there was a river with a trail beside it about 1 km from his seniors home. So I jogged down to check it out – and was very pleased to find that there was a whole network of mountain biking trails in there, along the river and through the forest and up to Guelph Lake! They are exactly the kind of trails that I love to run on – narrow rolling and winding dirt paths, meandering through the forest. I went for just over an hour the first day, and a good 1:30 run the next day.

Different scenery than I am used to: corn fields, and dry deciduous forest.

Sorry it's kinda blurry - these set-up (self-timer) shots actually take up a lot of time! But you get the idea of how nice the trails are.

There were deer tracks on this part of the trail.

However, my knee was still hurting. It was good for the first half hour so of each run, but I could definitely feel it after that.

Next stop was my sister’s place, in Caledon East. Their house backs right on to the TransCanada Trail there. It is made of fine gravel and completely flat (an old railway grade). So I figured I would just do some easy jog/walks there, give my knee a chance to heal. And it worked! Between going more gently, and doing a bit of biking too (with my brother-in-law and niece, as well as on my own), and also the lack of any uphills or downhills, my knee is finally on the mend. Oh, and they have a dog (who I have run with before when I was out there – she loves me!!) So I had some good company on my runs out there, too.

Casey loved it!

Cycling, both on my own and with my brother-in-law and little niece, was also a great way for me to get some exercise while not putting too much strain on my knee.

Lots of attempts with the 10s self-timer on this one, getting both dog and me in the photo.

For every self-timer pic I post on this blog, there are probably 10 or so bloopers that you guys will never see. But this one is funny enough that I thought I'd post it anyway. It is very hard to do action shots on the 10 second timer - you have to try to be EXACTLY in the right position when the shutter clicks...

  1. #1 by AEW on January 20, 2012 - 11:38 am

    Very good Jackie


  2. #2 by Jacqueline Windh on January 20, 2012 - 11:40 am

    Thanks Mom!

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