Dave’s dogs and Jackie run…

Autumn fun! The weather has been mostly pretty good!

Well, Dave and Jackie haven’t been doing much running together this last month or so. Dave got sent to Kuwait for 8 days for work, and now he’s in Las Vegas – he just raced the Triathlon Worlds long-course today! – but I’ll leave it to him to post about that.

What that means is that, with all his travelling, there’ve been two dogs who are needing their long runs! And one runner, missing her training buddy. So the dogs and I have been hanging out pretty much every day.  I’ve taken advantage of my time with them to get some obedience training in – since the only thing Dave has trained them to do is to eat smoked salmon off his fork at the dinner table. (To be fair to Dave… OK, I am exaggerating a bit. But only a bit!)

So here are some photo-highlights of the dogs’ and my last two weeks together on the trails in and around Port Alberni. Note the progression from doggy randomness to sitting and staying for the camera! (And they are having fun too – as you can see from the pix).

Up the hill above the end of Anderson Ave. Our early group portraits were pretty chaotic.

Learning to sit and stay… they’d look like they were being tortured!

We got out mountain biking too.

Our first POSED group portrait! Good doggies!

Up Copper Mtn – oh, they’re good little posers now!

And look how much they love me!

Now heading down the Stamp River trail…

Another beautiful autumn day, Stamp River.

Posing at Stamp River – right before Tank (the little guy) chased a HUGE black bear down the trail. I think he actually managed to nip its heels.

Today, back up Copper Mtn, dogs sitting and posing for the camera!

Long-distance discipline. I hope their dad is impressed when he gets back!

And see how much they love their teacher?? We’ve had some fun…

PS I had to add this picture, taken today (our run today, Sunday, the day after I posted the other pix) – the dogs coming when called. Aren’t they cute?

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