Take the good weather when it comes: A 4 hr trail run with April

Heading out from Dave's house

Well, it may only be September, but it sure feels like winter has already set in. The heavy rains have started.

So April emailed Dave and me a few days ago. She’d been checking out the forecast for the week, and it was calling for a short break in the weather for Wednesday. “Are you guys up for a 30k trail run?” she asked. Of course we were!

She and Dave decided to do a 50k road bike ride beforehand. I politely declined. They are both faster runners than me anyway, so I was happy to have them wear themselves out a bit before we started.

Port Alberni Trail Run Roger's Creek

We started at Dave’s house – partly because it is Trail Centrale, with so many options of where to go. But also so we could come back for the post-training body care régime (white wine and Dave’s home-smoked salmon in the hot tub!) after the run.

Dave picked our route – pretty much all trails that we have been on before, but never running them all together like this. We took Xhosa along – but little Tank was devastated when we left him behind (Dave was worried that the distance would be too much for him).

Roger's Creek

We found a Bavarian Beer Garden in the middle of the forest! (But we didn't find the beer).

We headed north, did various loops through Rogers Creek, then eventually hooked up with the logging roads that Dave and I rode on our mountain bikes a few weeks ago. Down at Rogers Creek itself, we ran into an old guy with a walking stick and chatted with him for a while. Dave told us after that he was Frank Stini, a legendary long-term resident who was responsible for building so many of these trails!

Some steep downhills...

And when April goes down...

...she goes DOWN!

Aww... April and me!

When we stop, the time is always put to good use - checking gear, eating...

"You never know what's gonna happen on a Dave-run!" He didn't tell us in advance about the river crossings (two of them) - probably a good thing!

Putting our shoes back on...

Oh! Some steep uphills, too!

Very narrow paths through the forest through the middle section

And then logging roads in the sun (through clearcuts) for the run home!

It was a great day! It rained pretty much up until Dave and April set out for their ride. While they were out there, the sky cleared, and the wind came up and dried up the bush. By the time we started our run, it was gorgeous out! Dave had his GPS watch running – all up we did 25.3 km in just under 4 hours – quite a slow pace overall, but we were all into making this a slow base-building run, and of course we like to make these runs fun, and stop to take pix and check things out. And, as you’ll see from the photos, there were a few technical challenges long the way too!

Great call, April, getting us organized to take advantage of such a perfect day!

  1. #1 by april eryou on September 29, 2011 - 5:56 pm

    yes it was a perfect day! I’m soo glad you guys were up for an adventure!!!!

  2. #2 by Dave on September 30, 2011 - 2:07 am

    I have a great idea for our next long run: my house to the beaver ponds, up through the bear den, across Roger Creek where we crossed on this run, up the Nutclacker to the Mt Arrowsmith road, across to the backside of the Hump, cross the highway, around Dog and Loon Lakes, back across the highway, down Scorpion, back to my house via logging road for hot tub and beer. 40-something km, six-plus hours running.

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