Elk Lake, Victoria: A new run with an old friend (who I’d never met)

Arriving at Elk Lake... ready to roll!

Well this is exciting! I went out for a 25 km run with my Twitter buddy Lorne Daniel (@LorneDaniel) today!

I am down in Victoria for the weekend, visiting Fiona (who came on the Copper Mountain/Alberni Inlet run with Dave and me a few weeks ago). So I tweeted Lorne to let him know I was coming, and we set a running date for this morning.

What is cool about this is that Lorne and I had never met face-to-face. He is one of my best Twitter buddies. We’ve known one another for about a year and a half, and have found that we have a lot of common interests (including being both writers and runners, and being quite invested in our communities).

So I was sorry to leave Dave behind (but it’s good for him anyway: he needs to do some faster stuff than I am capable of doing with him anyway – he is representing Canada in the Triathlon Worlds in just 6 weeks, so he’s been out doing some fast ones this weekend with Iron-quad Rod).

But it was great to get out with Lorne. And it turned out that we run really well together! Lorne’s natural pace is just a bit faster than mine, so our run pushed me speed-wise. But I am more experienced with the long (as in multi-hour) runs, so the length of this one pushed him too.

We drove out to Elk Lake, kind of towards the airport and ferry terminal from Victoria. Lorne, ever the tweeter, live-tweeted the event to our other tweeps, sending out a pic of us as we headed out.

There is a nice even running trail around the lake, a 10 km loop, so we did that twice, stopping back at the car to grab some water and food on the way (Lorne checking Twitter on the first stop… an important thing to do in the middle of a run).

Lots of people on the trail: walking, running, even on horseback.

Important to consume fluids and carbs on a long run!

After the second loop, we headed out for the final 5 km, running out 15 minutes then turning back. We both just naturally picked up the pace on this section – challenging, but a really good workout for me, since I tend to prefer to stick to my easy pace.

All in all, a really great day. A wonderful run, and also a wonderful opportunity to yak for 2.5 hours with someone who I had known for so long, yet had never actually met. Thanks Lorne, hopefully we’ll do this again some time!

Beautiful, alongside the lake!

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