Sometimes we cycle

[by Dave] When we aren’t running we cycle and swim.  Road and offroad.  Yesterday we rode a 62 km loop from home to the end of Beaver Creek Road (25 km on pavement), back along the Log Train Trail, crossed the highway at the CandyStore, through Grad Drunk, then wound our way through the logging roads and trails behind Bainbridge Lake back to home (37 km on trails and logging roads).  About five hours of riding.

[by Jackie] Part of the reason we wanted to do this ride is because we want to run it. Most of our big trail runs are on pretty tough terrain,  so we actually walk a lot of the uphills and some of the tricky parts (we value our health and our continuing ability to go out on these adventures too much

This section at the far end of the Log Train Trail will be logged and the trail has been turned into a logging road.

to risk injuries like sprained ankles… or worse). But we also both have been feeling like we need to do a really long one (like 30+ km) without walking breaks – so we wanted to go on a trail that is not as technically challenging. Port Alberni’s Log Train is perfect for that (it’s the old railway track, so other than a few washouts it’s pretty flat).

But the thing is: we didn’t know how long it was. You kinda want to know before you head out: are we going out for 25k, or for 40k? So, we figured, on the bikes, we could clock it. Also, Dave wanted to run it right back to his house, so we had to scope out the logging roads south of the highway and figure out which one would get us back – something you don‘t want to be doing at the end of a long run. So that was kind of our main purpose for going out there. But it turned out it was a real lot of fun! And a much harder workout than either of us were expecting!

It had rained in the morning... but as the day progressed, everything dried up and the sun even came out for a while!

We stopped for lunch with a view!

Dave demoed for me how to go down the steep ones... but I walked this one anyway.

[by Dave] Last weekend I raced from Vancouver to Whistler in the Gran Fondo, 7000 racers from around the world, mass start! My goals were: sub four hours, beat Rod Mitchell, and finish top 5%.

Coming around the final corner into Whistler.

My legs had a bit of fatigue from the week before’s 11.5 hr run, and the peloton I was in was slowing at about 90 km and so I was stuck with a 4:04, time, Rod beat me by two minutes and I came 8.3 % from the front, which includes the professional riders. Triple loser!

[by Jackie] What Dave forgot to mention is that the race was 120 km, with 2,400 m cumulative elevation gain. I don’t think he’s that much of a loser…

What time is it after racing to Whistler in the heat? 'Beer O'Clock'!

  1. #1 by daryl on October 1, 2011 - 1:58 pm

    Unbelievable rider!!!! Thanks again for the unforgettable trip!

    [ed. note from Jackie – Daryl is one of the riders who raced with Dave in Whistler]

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