Just another pretty trail run – up the hills behind Dave’s house

Some of the trails are obviously not used much.

This wasn’t any special run – just the usual beautiful Port Alberni trails. We ran from Dave’s house – just two blocks of pavement to get to where the trails started.

Dave was feeling a bit fatigued after a hard 3-day backpacking trip followed by 4 days of shift work and sleep deprivation. I was feeling crappy too, weak and dizzy and my stomach upset – presumably from something I had eaten.

So good – we were both on the same wavelength: long and slow and easy. So we grabbed the dogs, and headed out for a 1:40 jog on the trails, taking a few walking breaks on the way. Not a hard training run, more just keeping active and getting out there. Enjoy our pix!

Tank is well-decorated from all the bush-bashing!

Dave carries my cool rock for me. It has fossils and gold in it! (Psst... don't tell Dave that it's actually "fool's" gold).

Heading back down the hill, almost home. Many of these trails are built and maintained by mountain bikers.

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