Fiona wants to sample our Port Alberni hills

Fiona is one of my old friends, from back when I first moved to Vancouver Island. We kayak-guided together for years out of Tofino.

She now lives in Victoria – but she’s a trail runner too, and she’s been intrigued by the photos that Dave and I have been posting of our runs – especially our hilly 4-hour China Creek/Copper Mountain run of a few weeks ago. So she came out last weekend, and I took her on an out-and back of the last quarter or so of that run.

Dave was running the Log Train Trail Half Marathon that morning. He was going to come with us anyway (two back-to-back 2-hour runs is nothing for an Ironman), but then he decided to leave a bit after us and just run up the first hill and meet us at the top of the lookout, and then come back down with us.

Almost all the way down to the inlet - just another pretty rainforest waterfall.

So Fiona and I headed out… steep switchbacks through the forest up the mountain side, an elevation gain of something like 200 m, then all the way down to Alberni Inlet on another steep trail.

Down at the inlet, ready to run back up again.

After a quick stop to admire the log booms, we ran back up the hill to the lookout to meet Dave. I am happy to say that the hill seemd much shorter than last time I ran it!

It’s actually great feeling this strong. That’s been two big runs in the last two weeks, between the China Creek/Copper Mountain one and then the West Coast Trail. I can really feel how they’ve bumped up my fitness. Now, a 2 hour trail run feels like practically no effort at all, just pure fun!

Self-timer pic at the lookout: At the 9th second, Xhosa decided she wants in on the photo too.

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